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Technology at School

YoungMBA is a specially designed program

to teach young minds

the value of responsible management.  


YoungMBA is designed with the knowledge that

gaining management skills early  

 leads to positive outcomes in adult years.


YoungMBA is organized in partnership with

New York Institute of Technology's MBA program,

offered in their Vancouver Campus . 


YoungMBA focuses on enjoyable, engaging and creative fun

role-playing activities. 


NYIT Vancouver Campus

1700 - 701 W. Georgia St.

Vancouver, BC, V7Y1K8


"He really likes the days they learned and played about trading and business matters."

Summer Break 2019

"Alexandra enjoyed every aspect of the YoungMBA program, especially through interactive board games which made him realize that the world is challenging and complex. He was not intimated by the challenges, it gave him a new perspective of how to incorporate strategies to solve the problems. He has gained a lot of confidence and tried to use his strategic thinking to look at each problem as a learning curve. He was always eager to go to class every morning with a positive attitude. We are very happy with the outcome of the intense two weeks program over Spring Break. Thank you for being his mentor Sinan! You have set a great example for all of us!"

Spring Break 2019

"This class seems to be very fun. My children love it. The teacher is very friendly and kind. In total, very good class"

Sprıng Break 2019

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